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Keep web design clients from going off track with my tested and perfected web design workflow and scripts.

Wondering how to…

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Tackle complex projects and communicate with confidence?

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Master your schedule through efficient project management?

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Ask for feedback the right way and avoid endless changes, revisions, and frustration?

Stop questioning your design skills or wondering if this business you love is actually viable. I’ve been where you are, trust me. The problems you face aren’t personal. The solution is actually simple…

Christine Thatcher combines nearly 30 years of corporate, agency and mid-sized business design experience to guide her clients through the web design process. Currently a creative director, she manages the visuals and marketing strategy implementation of various 8-figure corporate and product brands. Christine is also the founder of Christine Marie Studio, a boutique design agency dedicated to helping visionary entrepreneurs infuse their personalities into profitable virtual platforms.

The Drama-Free Web Design Workflow is literally my web design process, strategy and best tactics in a succinct printable guide.

Every task and every conversation… created to show you how to communicate strategically and collaboratively. You’ll see exactly how I partner with my clients, and actively engage them through the seemingly complex web design process.

Over the last 6 years, this web design process has allowed me to more than 10x my income per project (for the same work) while stepping off of the hamster wheel of endless revisions and frustration.

Feel like you’re struggling to complete projects? Getting caught in endless revision cycles or pushed around by clients? Tired of not making enough money for your efforts? You need a better way to communicate so you can deliver amazing results every time. You need the Drama-Free Web Design Workflow.

DFW guides you through my web design process – from onboarding to launch – showing you how to communicate effectively with clients and arrive at a design they love, every time.

You’ll feel inspired, and in control.

The workflow includes a downloadable step-by-step guide along with a training on project setup. Apply what you learn to your very next project and even kickstart the stalled projects on your plate right now.

That’s what I want for you… smooth, successful projects and delighted clients so you can finally make a living doing work you love!

Christine Thatcher Designing To Delight Creator

Get my Step-by-Step Web Design Workflow

Minimize client overwhelm and micromanaging, and reduce revision cycles so you can maximize your profit.

Angie Webb

Angie W. has eliminated revision cycles

I have to brag and share a success story. I finally had an opportunity to use all the great stuff I learned in the course on a website design project and had ZERO revisions on the mockup! The process went very smoothly and everyone was happy with the final product! Putting these simple-to-implement, yet difficult-to-dream-up, systems and strategies in place has greatly streamlined my workflow with clients and made for a smoother process with happier clients overall. I can't recommend this process enough!

Laine Nickl

Laine N. got off the hamster wheel

Before Designing to Delight, I was struggling with a consistent web design process, which made projects take way longer than necessary, and made me feel like I was constantly re-inventing the wheel. The course has definitely increased my confidence, as I'm able to clearly articulate my process, as well as help guide clients through the process. I've also gained so much more time since I'm no longer wasting time creating systems as I go, or re-typing the same emails to clients (scripts are such a game-changer!).

What's the investment?



Due to the immediate access provided to the complete training and all materials, no refunds are given for any reason. By purchasing, you automatically agree to the Terms of Participation. Payments are processed securely through Stripe.

What's included...

Inside the Drama-Free Web Design Workflow

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Learn the web design process I’ve honed over 25+ years of working in the industry. Avoid my mistakes and missteps. Skip over all the research, trial, and testing you’d have to do to figure it out on your own.

This training will teach you how to setup a step-by-step web design workflow, and as a result, confidently guide clients from onboarding to launch with little to no drama.

It can be used with any project management system.

The Drama-Free Design Workflow provides students with my tested and perfected web design process scripts, plus best tactics for each phase of a project, and video instruction on how to set it all up.

Not sure?

Download a few sample pages of the guide [pdf].

Take a look inside the guide...


Project Setup • Client Welcome Email Script • Onboarding Tasks & Scripts


Visual Research • Sitemaps • Flowcharts • Content Gathering • Design Strategy Call Prep • Discovery Tasks & Scripts


Setting Design Goals • Presenting Wireframes • Presenting Styling • Presenting Design Concepts • Design Tasks & Scripts


Basic Development Task List • Best Tactics for Client Site Reviews (Script)


Basic Launch Task List • Client Launch Tasks & Scripts • Phase 2 Proposal Tactics

Go Drama-Free!

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Due to the immediate access provided to the complete training and all materials, no refunds are given for any reason. By purchasing, you automatically agree to the Terms of Participation. Payments are processed securely through Stripe.


Let me answer some of your questions.

Drama-Free Design Workflow - includes instruction in strategic thinking, communication and process steps. For those that need help with outlining the process in a project management tool.

Designing to Delight - includes instruction in the web design process and extracting effective feedback from clients to produce better design concepts. For those who want to get better at web design with fewer revision cycles.

The DF workflow covers the strategy and execution of the Onboarding through Design phases of a web project in depth. Development and Launch phases include task lists and client scripts.

No, you can copy/paste my workflow scripts (and methodology) into any project management tool.

Yes absolutely. About 90% of what I show you in the video training are free Asana features. There are a few in the paid version that are nice to have but not necessary.

You don’t. This training covers the communication side of the web design process. Development and Launch phases include task lists and client scripts. Build your design concept on the platform of your choice or work with a developer.

Due to the immediate availability of all course materials on purchase, I do not offer refunds on the DF Workflow training.

You'll have access to the training and all updates for it's lifetime.

You can simply email me anytime at hello@designingtodelight.com. I’d be happy to answer your questions about the training.