Uplevel your Design Business

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Some of my mistakes over the years include:

  • Using a selfie taken in the mirror as my first about page photo.
  • Trying to force a personality that was not me as part of branding my design business, because I thought it was necessary for success.
  • Inadvertently drawing the wrong type of clients with what I thought were well-thought out packages.

Learn how to recognize disconnects in your own brand

What you say, how you present yourself, and what you offer all have a direct effect on the clients you attract and your ability to uplevel your design business.

BrandFix is a collection of short video (or audio) lessons that compiles all my mistakes over the years and teaches you how to recognize and correct yours. I’ve inadvertently made some pretty good ones. BrandFix is only $47. Watch the first lesson free, no obligation.

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