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Topic: Strategic Design

Why it’s so hard for designers to design for themselves

Most designers skip vital research steps because we assume a specific style for ourselves going in. Avoid design frustration and take a behind-the-curtain peek at my step-by-step research process.

A behind-the-scenes look at how I work with design clients

Can you identify with any of these scenarios? Projects get delayed months because clients are…

Making a powerful first impression – crafting an effective homepage message

How to craft a message that will hook your potential client and make them curious for more.

Make style tiles a time-saving step in your design process

Style tiles are an opportunity for clients to participate in the outcome of the final concept before the heavy design effort begins.

Creating conversions for clients – sales page or landing page?

Sales pages are one of the most difficult writing assignments for many entrepreneurs. Hours of…

One concept, one set of revisions

Have you ever gotten a client that doesn’t know what they want until they see…