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Topic: Marketing

Marketing is so much more than a website

Marketing is simply a conversation between YOU and the people who need what you sell and are in a position to buy it.

Area of innovation :: You can only pick one

Your area of innovation is a type of marketing promise you make to potential clients… and if you want to be believable, you can only pick one.

Positioning: What’s your sweet spot?

Learn how to position your design business at the intersection of what you client needs most and what you do really, really well.


Tips for showcasing a small design portfolio

How to tailor your portfolio to attract your ideal client when you don’t have that much work to show.

How to use praise effectively on your website

Strategies you can use to make the most of every testimonial, glowing client email, and tiny bit of praise you receive.

3 simple strategies for managing your portfolio

Why time spent showcasing your work is an investment in better quality projects later.

Tell the story of your work with case studies

Use this simple system for creating effective portfolio case studies.

How to find the right clients – keys to upleveling your design business

Time for some straight talk about up-leveling your business. I’m tired of marketing gurus and…

Why one primary marketing method is all you need

The difference between tactics and strategy and why you are making the same marketing mistake over and over again.