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Topic: Getting Clients

How to get design clients to connect with your work (& hire you)

Your website should bridge marketing and sales by fostering connection. When clients feel connection, sales come easy.

How to structure an effective initial consult call

My primary objective on this first call is to determine if I’m the right fit for this project.

Brand your design business to truly connect with clients

Does your brand (and website) answer this one simple question?

3 simple strategies for managing your portfolio

Why time spent showcasing your work is an investment in better quality projects later.

Tell the story of your work with case studies

Use this simple system for creating effective portfolio case studies.

Streamline your inquiry process and say yes to portfolio-worthy projects that grow your business

You see it in the movies all the time – only the cool people get…

How to find the right clients – keys to upleveling your design business

Time for some straight talk about up-leveling your business. I’m tired of marketing gurus and…

Why one primary marketing method is all you need

The difference between tactics and strategy and why you are making the same marketing mistake over and over again.

How to get clients when you are just starting out

The exact tactics I used to get new clients when I was just starting out (and still use today when shifting to a new ideal client).