Topic: Collaborating

What do feedback objections really mean?

Clients can struggle with three basic types of emotional crisis points while working with me. The type of objections I hear help me pinpoint what my clients feel so I can support them as we move through the process together.

How to define design goals that support your client’s business goals

When projects wander and clients micromanage… the cause is not what you think. Avoid drama-filled projects by requiring client clarity (yes! you can!) before you define design goals.

So, you want to collaborate with a copywriter…

How to build a strong working relationship with a copywriter (who can elevate the quality of your work).

How to guide clients when you don’t feel like a leader

I think I give the impression that I’m more put together than I really am.…

Copywriting is a problem for your client.

Your client might think writing is easy. After all, we all write just about every…