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Topic: Charge More Money

Area of innovation :: You can only pick one

Your area of innovation is a type of marketing promise you make to potential clients… and if you want to be believable, you can only pick one.

The answer to better pay and better clients (it’s not better design skills)

You can be the most skilled designer in the world, but if you can’t work collaboratively with a client, your design skills won’t do you much good.

The mindset keeping you from attracting better clients and commanding higher prices

We can’t help ourselves. We get nervous/excited on a consult call and blurt out “yes…

when your potential clients can envision the outcome of working with you - then you can begin pricing your services based on value and not time. Check out my 6 practical tactics for raising your project rates in a relatively short amount of time.

How I 10x my rates in less than 6 months

Tactics for confidently pricing your services based on the value you provide – rather than on the time you spend.

How to get design clients to connect with your work (& hire you)

In this age of everything online, we tend to make too many assumptions and miss the opportunity to truly connect with our potential clients.

Avoid unproductive revision cycles & get to the perfect design faster. Grab your free copy of Client Feedback Scripts.

Avoid unproductive revision cycles & get to the perfect design faster

If you’ve been designing for any length of time, I’m guessing you have experienced the…

How to create profitable offers that attract the clients you want to work with (video)

I’ve offered everything under the sun over the last 5 years as Christine Marie Studio – from a…

How to price your creative work – value vs. hourly pricing

How do you price creative work? Want to get involved in a lively conversation, ask…

Is your design business properly positioned?

Positioning is super important for web designers. What do you think when you think about…