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Ingrid U

Ingrid U. significantly raised her prices

DtD opened my eyes into all the time and effort I put into each of my projects, I realized the value of what I offered. I went from charging $250 when I started, to $1,499 for my base brand development package in 5 months and now my go-to package is $2799 for creating just the website. Which is fancy numbers for: I am making a living, I am actually paying the bills while still having time to enjoy my life, and yes, design is my full-time job.

Marci Kobayashi

Marci K. has more confidence in her design ability

The course took away the elusiveness I imagined around design. I didn’t think I was creative enough or had enough artistic talent to come up with designs. The course taught me how to break down creating a design into digestible steps. My confidence has gone up which in turn gave me the confidence to increase my prices and charge for design. I wish I had invested in this course earlier. I thought I needed help improving my design skills but what I learned that I needed more was a process for designing.

Lina A

Lina A. is letting go of the “self-taught” limitation

After the course, I gained so much more confidence, and the amount of time I'm saving is mindblowing. The other thing that changed – I became a much better designer. I am self-taught, with a business that was 4 months old when I bought the course. The course taught me design principles that would have taken me SO much longer to figure out by myself! I now feel very confident about my process. I am confident in charging more and explaining why. Heck, I can own being a web designer, and a good one at that!

What's included...

Inside Designing to Delight

Learn the design system I’ve honed over 25 years of working in the industry. Avoid my mistakes and missteps. Skip over all the research, trial, and testing you’d have to do to figure it out on your own. I’ve created tools and resources to make this course immediately actionable. I want you to delight your very next client!


Immediate Access

Immediate access to the entire Designing to Delight course – so you can dive in quickly, apply what you learn, and start getting results with your very next design project.


Design Guide

The Strategic Design Guide – printable for repeated use. I’ve created the guide to share my strategic thinking, knowledge, and tactics for navigating the variables in every design project. It’s arranged in a workbook type format, so you can work through it with client after client.


Custom Workflow

Design project conversations & tasks – I’m sharing my tested and perfected conversations for the whole process, so you’ll know exactly what to say to prevent clients from going off track. I’m including my recommended tasks so you can implement confidently.


Illustrator Templates

Adobe Illustrator Templates – to help you create wireframes and style tiles, and guide your clients effectively with the visuals you need to increase their understanding and approval.


Logo Design 101

Logo Design 101 (course) – to help you streamline your logo creation process, share options effectively, and get to the right design quickly and efficiently.


Content Bottlenecks

Say Goodbye to Content Bottlenecks (course) – avoid content delays by following the process shared in this course. Includes a content workbook you can use with clients to help them gather ideas, write content, and share it with you on time.


Facebook Community

Lifetime access to the Private Facebook Community – Share design problems, get advice, and peek behind the curtain as I share real client scenarios. I answer questions, share my latest projects, and support you as you implement what you learn.

Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Watch over my shoulder – A few times a month in the group, I'll pull back the curtain on my design business. Learn how I adapt the phases my process to work for different types of clients via watch over my shoulder style videos of actual client projects in process.

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