LOVE first… then think, speak, and act.

When we can see, feel, and know that someone cares, it makes all the difference.

This creative work I love is about catching a vision of what can be and working collaboratively to bring the possible to life. Creating designs my clients love.

Seeing what’s possible for your design business and empowering you to move forward.

Providing resources to encourage you and lift you up, no matter where you’re at in your creative journey.

I believe in giving generously, encouraging lovingly, and empowering others to move forward.

That’s why I’m so pleased to partner with Kusewera.

Kusewera empowers and educates children in impoverished countries through active and creative play. They organize activities such as sports, dance, music, art and more. This sustainable, year-round program empowers children to learn, laugh, and play - so they can pursue goals, dream for a better future, and be positive leaders in their communities. We know that when children can see, feel, and know that someone cares, they are empowered to reach their potential.

Their current focus is in Malawi, Africa.

Kusewera is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to the following goals:

  • Education - teaching children life skills such as leadership, discipline, perseverance, goal-setting, sportsmanship, teamwork, focus, and healthy living.
  • Empowerment - giving children the ability to see possibilities they haven’t recognized before and showing them how to make a difference in their community.
  • Encouragement - giving children hope so they can achieve their dreams; when a child can see, feel, and know that someone cares, they strive to do better and be better.

Your investment in Designing to Delight empowers you to expand your skills, improve your business, and reach your goals. But that’s not all. Through my partnership with Kusewera, your investment educates, empowers, and encourages impoverished children to create a better future for themselves and their communities.

Together, we pour love and blessing into the lives of children, and that makes all the difference.

Interested in learning more about the work and mission of Kusewera? Visit the site.