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Alumni Success Story

Ingrid Urena,

Tell me about yourself. Who are you and what do you do?

I’m a visual brand strategist and web designer over at Penguin Designing; and photographer at I & L Photography and Atelier21 Co. I create purposeful brands for creative business owners to help them connect with their dream clients.

What were you struggling with before Designing to Delight?

I didn't have a system in place for how to deal with my graphic design clients. I was so immersed in my photography business, that I needed a process that would make sense with my graphic design business.

DtD opened my eyes into all the time and effort I put into each of my projects, I realized the value of what I offered.

I went from charging $250 when I started, to $1,499 for my base brand development package in 5 months and now my go-to package is $2799 for creating just the website. Which is fancy numbers for: I am making a living, I am actually paying the bills while still having time to enjoy my life, and yes, design is my full-time job. Do I want to get better? Of course, always! And I am right on track.

Why did you signup?

I needed guidance from an experienced source, someone who knows the path because they have walked it, not just any business coach, but an actual designer.

You offered so much more than guidance, you also educated me in many aspects of my business, plus even technical things on Illustrator, and continued to expand into the website design, and because of that, I was able to open my offerings and give a better and now holistic approach to my clients' brand developments.

What was your biggest takeaway from the course?

Everything. The process, keeping your process clean and efficient (yes you can tweak it for the particular work you do) but having a set process to keep you from working harder, making it smarter.

How has Designing to Delight helped your business?

My clients are better aligned with my vision and of course, they are all very happy because I have systems in place that make our work together smooth.

How do you feel about your design process now?

I am 100000% confident in my design process!

If I had to pick one part of my business that is nailed down to a T, is my design process.

What would you say to someone who's thinking about taking the course?

Do it. Ask yourself if you want to wing it. Would you? No, right? If you want to be professional, show your best work, make the relationship and work between you and your client the best it can be. If you want to get working smarter and not harder, this is an amazing course. It has so much value attached to it!

I have taken MANY courses, spend so much hard earned money in many courses, but I sincerely believe this is the one that I got the most out of.

I refer back to this course every now and then, and Christine is always adding new things. Just think how back you want to feel in control of your design process, and do it.

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