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Alumni Success Story

Camille Lawson,

Tell me about yourself. Who are you and what do you do?

I'm a web designer who focuses on strategic design and systems for business owners.

What were you struggling with before Designing to Delight?

Before DtD, I was a jack of all trades. I was a VA and OBM who also did websites sometimes. I was charging around $1000 for a website package that also included the set up and design of email marketing programs, newsletters, and social media accounts.

I was sort of all over the place, spent too much time on projects for very little return - losing time and money.

I didn't have a clear process for my web design projects and felt unsure of myself. I loved designing websites, but I was a beginner and the learning curve felt steep. I constantly felt overwhelmed.

Why did you signup?

I signed up because I loved web design and wanted to improve my skills as a designer.

What I didn't realize was that I was getting so much more from this course than I ever thought was available.

What was your biggest takeaway from the course?

Christine's process is amazing, and my biggest takeaway is that I can lead clients through a collaborative process to really create something they love.

How has Designing to Delight helped your business?

DtD changed my entire business. Before, I was jack of all trades and my business felt chaotic. My business model was not working for me or for my family. I was at a place of wondering whether I should continue or not. I loved web design but didn't even have the confidence to call myself a web designer.

Since DtD, I have finally found the confidence to niche down and find peace in my business.

I'm transitioning my business and brand this fall to market myself as a web designer. I'm securing more clients, better projects, and have increased my web design packages by 350-400%!

How do you feel about your design process now?

Confident. I love the collaborative process with my clients and the trust it creates between us.

I see so much more value in the process for my clients. It's strategic and well thought out. The process saves me time and is making my business more profitable.

What would you say to someone who's thinking about taking the course?

Do it! Don't wait! There is no other web design course out there like Christine's.

It will absolutely upscale your business and allow you to provide so much more value to your clients.

This is a no fluff course. She gets straight to the content and the resources alone are so much value - especially having all of the scripts and checklists available to you in Basecamp. Christine is a great teacher, practical, thourough, present, and extremely supportive. She changed my life and business.

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