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You just need more clients...
a steady stream of the right clients.

You need Designing Success Bootcamp.

Top designers make getting clients look easy. But everything you’ve tried just feels heavy and ineffective.

Honestly, you just need to make more money… without overbooking yourself or taking on projects you know are not a good fit. Raising your prices sounds like a good solution, but where will you get clients with a bigger budget? People already push you on price. When a promising inquiry comes in, you freeze… because you’re not sure how to even talk about your services at that level.

So you stay stuck in a cycle of disappointing projects, demanding clients, and financial frustration… wishing for something better, but losing hope that it’s possible.

You just need more clients. You need a steady stream of the right clients, and an effective marketing engine to keep you fully booked so you can...

  • Charge significantly more for your work.
  • Stand confidently in your expertise.
  • Attract projects from top clients with money to invest.
  • Run your business efficiently and profitably.
  • Focus your efforts on what YOU do best.

You Need...

Your path to confidently attracting the best clients to your design business.

This exclusive 12-week marketing intensive is for you if you’re ready to drop the drama and do the work required to uplevel your design business. You’ll be challenged, pushed, and encouraged to take massive action each week. Designing Success Bootcamp will shake up the way you do things… and allow you to achieve more than you thought possible.

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The next round of Designing Success Bootcamp begins January 11, 2019.

Only 10 seats available for this round, so you’ll want to apply now.

Invest in DSB for 12 payments of $535 or a single payment of $6000.

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I just received a signed contract from a dream client!! When you start pricing in the higher ranges, selling gets easier and clients don’t question you as much. I just got a taste of this.

Marci Kobayashi, Web Designer

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You gave me insight it would have taken me ages to get on my own. Now I'm charging 5x more than I was before we started.

Michaela Latavanha, Beachside Studio

+ Read Michaela's Success Story

The knowledge, the rhythm of the experience, your humor, and the honest and open sharing on all aspects of your journey as it illustrated the paths you took to get where you are now.

Nora Zimerman, Designer

+ Read Nora's Success Story

Since DSB I’ve created offerings and am now close to fully booked with the RIGHT clients that I absolutely love. I’ve almost doubled my fees.

Camille Lawson

+ Read Camille's Success Story

What could you accomplish with an experienced designer (Christine) and a skilled marketing strategist (Michelle) sharing insight, holding you accountable, and helping you apply what you learn directly to your business?

This is not a course you’ll consume and apply on your own. Designing Success Bootcamp is an experience, created to push your business forward as you take massive action in a group setting. We transform your business one area at a time, building momentum as we go.

Each lesson begins with a video + action steps to get you started. Then we get together as a group for LIVE STRATEGY SESSIONS where we apply the theory directly to YOUR BUSINESS. You’ll make changes and take action as we go… so you can see results immediately.

Unlike some other experiences out there, we are intentionally keeping the group size small (just 10 participants), so there will always be time to talk about YOUR BUSINESS on each call. If you’re willing to do the work – we’re willing to give you the guidance you need to be successful.

What do we work on in bootcamp? Just take a look…

Lesson One :: Positioning

Align your business with your strengths and how you fascinate, and craft core messaging that resonates with your best clients and brings them directly to your business.

  • During this lesson you’ll clarify your messaging, craft your red rope policy, and properly position yourself for success.


Use the positioning and core messaging developed in lesson one to refine the branding and flow of your website.

  • During this lesson you’ll use branding, site flow, and your portfolio to support your core messaging and positioning.


Chart a profitable course for your business by refining how you package, price, and sell your work.

  • During this lesson you’ll use our best practices to set goals in three key areas that influence profitability and take action so you can achieve results.


Talk about your business in a way that creates curiosity, engagement, and trust.

  • During this lesson you’ll map out the unique marketing conversation for your business and learn how to use it effectively any situation or setting.


Tell the story of your business, attract attention from your potential clients without wasting time or burning out, and create a marketing engine specifically designed to drive your success.

  • During this lesson, you’ll select and master your ideal marketing channel.


Solidify your sales process so you can convert the leads you generate into real, paying clients. Simplify your proposals and eliminate those awkward SALES moments from your process.

  • During this lesson you will elevate your operations to support your growing business.

Designing Success Bootcamp is an exclusive group mentoring opportunity only available to alumni of Designing to Delight. We created this marketing intensive to bring the essential elements of success to the core of your business… so you can amplify your DtD results.

Are you ready to take action? Let’s get started.

The next round of Designing Success Bootcamp begins January 11, 2019.

Only 10 seats available for this round, so you’ll want to apply now.

Invest in DSB for 12 payments of $535 or a single payment of $6000.

Don’t wait...apply now to reserve your spot!