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The missing piece of your design puzzle.

In this video, I share the missing piece of the design puzzle that isn’t taught in design school, but is essential for delighting your clients and creating strategic designs they love.

About me - 00:00 | Start of training - 2:40 | Q&A - 19:30

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How to get started:

Think about the last 3 (or so) projects that had a lot of pushback or revisions.

  • Did you lean toward the try this or get it done approach during those projects?
  • Where in your steps did the client get stuck (either with excessive revisions, pushback or confusion)?
  • If you put yourself in the clients shoes, can you identify the source of the
    “stuck-ness” (overwhelm, lack of focus, lack of direction or communication)?
  • What is the one change you can make with the next client to help you reach the best design solution?

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