Christine Thatcher Designing To Delight Creator
Christine Thatcher Creator Of Designing To Delight

My design work is intentionally simple. I believe in stripping away the unnecessary to focus on what’s truly important.

This focus on simplicity and intentionality is at the heart of everything I do, from the way I collaborate with clients to the way I teach designers in this community. By leaving behind the fluff, I’m able to give designers like you straightforward solutions to common challenges and struggles.

As an experienced designer (25+ years), I’ve gathered wisdom from a variety of client situations. I’ve honed my collaborative web design process – eliminating multiple concepts and extra revision cycles while building client trust. I’ve built a successful design business on the principles of simplicity, generosity, and intentional client leadership.

My process of translating client goals into strategic design has allowed me to dramatically increase my income per project.

How have I been able to increase my revenue by more than 10x per project for the same work? I’ve learned that encouraging clients to actively participate in the design process results in better solutions. My clients were delighted, and I was rewarded with their complete trust in my work.

This way of working – intentional client leadership through a collaborative design process – is the foundation of what I teach you in Designing to Delight. Why am I sharing this? Simply put, I want the best for you and your business. I want you to achieve your dreams... and I’m inspired by the promise of your success.

Being a designer isn’t always easy, but it can be rewarding – both personally and financially. That’s my mission – to generously share my process, my experience, and my insight in a way that eliminates the noise and focuses in on what’s most important to your success.

I want you to be 100% confident in your design ability. I want your design business to fill your life with happiness and joy.

Mastering strategic the strategic web design process – learning how to guide clients and translate their vision into a design they love – is the key to confidence. It is also the key to charging a lot more for your work. Mastering your business model – learning how to lead yourself and grow your profits – is the key to achieving your goals. This is the way to be successful doing the work you love.

I’m so glad you’re here.

– Christine

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Christine Thatcher is the founder of Christine Marie Studio, a boutique design agency dedicated to helping visionary entrepreneurs and small business owners infuse their personalities into profitable virtual platforms. She combines 25+ years of corporate, agency and mid-sized business design experience to guide her clients through the web design and development process. She is also the creator of Designing to Delight – providing community and courses dedicated to helping designers create confidently and totally delight their clients.

Our work together is a catalyst for your success.

Michelle Hunter And Christine Thatcher Designing To Delight

What happens when you combine beautiful design with brilliantly written copy? Clients get amazing results. We discovered fairly quickly in our friendship that working together elevated both of our brands. Since we met in 2013, we’ve built a reputation for serving clients and supporting creative entrepreneurs by sharing our combined experience and wisdom.

We are more than best friends. We are a powerhouse of creative business expertise and insight, and we’re passionate about sharing what we know.

Together we create a powerful team you can use to uplevel your design business. We invite you to refine your web design process with the Designing to Delight course. You’ll improve your approach and be able to command higher fees for your creative work. Not sure how to significantly increase your prices and market you work effectively? Work with Michelle inside her exclusive marketing intensive program. She’ll guide you as you and refine your marketing strategy so you can attract high-value clients to your business. Looking for powerful mentors to move your business forward? You’re in the right place!

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